Piecing together what you’ve got in your closet equals: Orginality!

This cool and casual outfit is something i pulled from my own closet and pieced together for something original and unique. I ended up loving the look and surprised myself even, as I didn’t know I had these items in my closet that would even go together until I started to play around with the possibilities.

A white t-shirt, jean vest, and linen red jacket paired with a linen green and white striped wide legged pants. For accessories a fun tribal necklace in multi colors to pull the whole look together. A fun layered look with a touch of flare and attitude.

Here above, again starting with a white t-shirt, a grey wool vest and paired with a pair of white and black tuxedo wide legged pants. This outfit is great as a day or night look as it has a transitional appeal by just changing from black flats to black heels and red lipstick. The accessories? A black soft brimmed hat for the charm and a silver extra long tassel necklace to pull the look downward and create length and balance.

So much fun for SS/16, this ensemble is a tone on tone look on top that welcomes the fun patterned silk pants below adding dimension and conversation.  The jacket is a beige tweed, linen, heavy rattan weave, that is very dressy. Paired with a tribal inspired white tank top with fringes, and these go get ’em pants with a tropical print. A fabulous look for this coming spring, as it’s paired with this sweet floral necklace for a delicate embellishment around the simple collar.

And finally the oh so chic look for the day, as sequins are not only for the darkness of the night.

This final look is one of my favorites with it’s lady like and functional qualities. A white t-shirt again take precedence paired with a sequined skirt and robe like sweater to make the look a daytime “can do”.  Jewellery is fun and quirky lending to the likable appeal and balance of the sequined skirt. Add some nude flats or mini heels and it’s an eye catcher without looking like your next stop is the bar. This outfit can be taken seriously with it’s clean lines and minimalism.

See what’s hiding in your closet that you’ve forgotten, or haven’t worn in awhile and rediscover some hidden treasures that you never knew you had. You may have a lot to work with to mix and match. But if it’s out of date, has moth holes, stains, or doesn’t fit, it’s time to introduce it to the trash bin. Keep current and only keep what’s fitting you now and is in fashion now. Don’t be a junk collector or curator of past mistakes. Keep on point and as they say, “Stay en Fleek!”