Interior SS/16 color palette: That’s bright and fresh

Welcome Home! As soon as you walk through this door you not only get inspired by the fine details and architecture of this CRUZ Custom Homes that I had styled and was photographed by Photographer KATE KUNZ. It’s the color palette of this  years spring summer ’16 chosen that gave this home it’s warm welcome and brilliant charm. The entry way is quite grand and the woodwork very handsome, pleasing to both sexes.The decor is very modern, it’s layout is not open concept like most new homes but has more quartered off areas lending to it’s more private concept and appeal.


The sitting area is where you are welcomed to neutral decor with the ever so slight touches of the teals and soft blues that are the beginnings of our color palette i was talking about. Making the room have an ease and unpretentious quality but definitely a sense of true design and comforts of color spots to break the elements of the tone on tone scheme throughout the home.



As you can see the neutral theme throughout the home allows the color palette of the season to be predominant and a wonderful place for the eye to rest. It’s pleasing to the eye.The blue color scheme is what we see throughout as gentle touches here and there and not overused as a massive blanket of color, overshadowing the home. It is is used sparingly and with purpose. Having a home that is neutral allows you to always be able to change the seasonal color palette of the momentary trend without having to spend too much money. Instead of having to buy all new furniture, you can just buy unique accent pieces such as pillows, vases, books and throws.

As seen above with the dining room and spiral staircase, the soft touches of blue do not take over the room or space but simply dress it up with a delicate hand.

The chair sitting in a diagonal in a corner of a room gives the space a free feel, without making it feel cramped. It’s no longer in style to put your chairs and couches right up against the wall as it leaves unlimited possibilities in creating an intimate seating arrangements for conversation. All it leaves you with is a sterile looking room with an emptiness in the middle of the room. AWKWARD!!!

Here the two photos showcase an abundance of various blues and teals, while the other shows it used sparingly. While both were in the same room, one side had more of the blue theme while the other it was used lightly to balance the room and give the wall more looked at the one with more interest.


Ending with the most used room, ladies you know it, the bathroom was kept as neutral as possible with the most powdery of blues. This is a place to get away from it all and allow your senses to just breathe and let the day just melt away. No stimulation, jut relaxation. Make your home your getaway from the everyday, and make sure you keep things simple and don’t over clutter. It’s too much work and lends to having to dust too much. Keep Calm & Enjoy your Castle!