It’s 3 am & I’ve just had a “F.N.M” (fashion nightmare)

This is me…It’s 3:00 am…I look terrible, but according to Dove, I’m beautifully natural. Umpf! Well, it was horrible, I panicked. The Horror, the horror! All the things in fashion faux pas, all around me, me wearing them. And no matter how many times I kept trying undress myself there were more and more blunders underneath it all; there was no escape! Photo on 2-17-16 at 4.20 AM

Here as I sit in shock, on my very wrinkled Belgian Linen Pillow case (sorry had to mention that, as I love linen but hate the way it represents itself when being slept on after just one night ugh!). I will reveal to you the biggest blunders, mistakes, misdemeanors and outright faux pas any woman can make in fashion on an every day basis, and trust me they do!

1.You look like you’re always in disguise:Screen Shot 2016-02-17 at 5.59.40 AM

2. Ladies, what’s with the Pantie Lines?:grey

3. You think bigger is better: Bigger with no purpose is just that, no purpose. Just don’t go and throw on the biggest thing you can find because you think you have no shape or because you think your too skinny or too heavy. Wear something that fits your body shape and size. This “Bigger is better” disease has been far too catchy for far too long and prays on peoples emotional state. It makes them feel like they can hide hide behind the fabric and no one will notice them. A common misconception, as it makes everyone notice them even more. You are not invisible, people take note. Be proud of who you are and dress to fit your size. It will boost your confidence and build your self esteem. After all you are an original.


4.You think tighter is better: Guess again ladies! Your doing yourself a disservice by thinking that the gaps of your button up blouse will go unnoticed to your employer or your peers. Wearing clothing that fits you will gain you respect and get you further ahead in your career and leaves behind any thoughts of your true intentions on the job site and personal life. Ill fitted clothing says a lot about someone and either build or tear down your reputation. I’m not saying spend thousands of dollars to get it right. But be in the right mind set when making your next purchase for your future.


5. Shorter is not always better: What are you trying to prove? What is your age? What and who are you dressing for? There are many questions based around “How short can you go?” When you are young and flawless, carefree and still under the age of thirteen I can see one still romping around in something like this with a pair of jean shorts underneath and a pair of booties. At the age of 45 I’m asking the question, are you sure? I mean in California everything seems to go, as it’s not as corporate as it is here in Calgary. We are more, shall I say conservative. Our elements of Fashionable people are still somewhat conservative and let’s face it, it’s weather permitting.  A day in the park, this is fun with a pair of jean shorts , sandals and a sun hat. But without a pairing garment underneath, I’m saying, no way.


6. Who said Taller is better? All I have to day here is this. Is it worth the pain, suffering and future foot surgeries, bunions, arthritis, leg cramps, joint damage and misery when your older? If you answered yes to the above…Go get ’em ladies. But please I beg of you, learn how to walk in them for the love that all that is mighty!!!

7: Why?: That’s all…


8: I forbid it entirely!!!!!: Just no. I can not see these anymore on anyone. They have not eveolved, they have just become more and more embellished and busy and contrived. I have yet to see a pair that makes someone look attractive. They have become the “just get ’em jeans” of the last decade. I have decided, NO to this brand unless they can prove me different. Till then they are on the DO NOT LIST for my list.


9: Please don’t argue with me, major Plastic Surgery is not the better way to go: Jocelyn Wildenstein, known as the “Cat Woman” spent close to 4 million dollars to get this look. Now I’m not saying anything about her or her character. But As far as fashion goes you must do what makes you happy, if you decide you want to try a little or go for a lot it is your decision. Just try in small doses first. But know you are beautiful the way you are. You have a story to tell on our face and you have earned every line, crinkle and dimple that shows up. You are unique and so fabulous, girl you don’t even know! Just so your research before attempting anything rash. As you can see, there’s no turning back after the damage has been done

Screen Shot 2016-02-17 at 7.04.40 AM

10: Spice nylons…Really?: They are no longer in fashion, look at the graphic on the package! And why would you want to look like your legs to look like you’re from Jamaica when you are clearly a born and bred Canadian and have no pigment to the rest of your body? It must be a generation thing, I really don’t know. Perhaps it was when travel was affordable and going to the tropics was the “it” thing and tanning yourself to a crisp was another “it” thing and when you came back to the cold frigid weather of Calgary, Spice was the “it” panti-hose. Sorry for the rant but…Really?$_57