It’s a Girl: “Burberry’s” Newest Addition to the Family

These pretty “baby” tote bags as I call them are the sweetest things to hit their shelves. Brenna Shannon Of Burberry Chinook invited me over for macarons and wine as we wandered through the boutique.She introduced me to all the splendor of the newest pieces, like the gorgeous lace dresses, and matching overcoats that were oh so chic.

The gorgeous new scarves in the ss/16 colors collection that were simply luxurious, but I only had one question. “What by far are your most precious, most popular of all things in Burberry right now!?” With a twist and a twirl, she waved her hand like a wand and like magic there they were. These precious little totes.

“BABY TOTE BAGS, HOW CUTE!” I exclaimed, as she giggled. “Okay…if you wanna call them that”, she said…, “OH I DO I DO!” I responded in sheer excitement. You see I own 4 Burberry bags already. So I consider myself an aficianado you see. Brenna started to point out the details to me as I interrupted her, ” I know how it works Brenna it’s a tote, Just smaller than the larger ones.”

“But look, this ones a backpack Jaia!”

“Oooooooooooooooo I see I see, me likey” said Jaia in the third person. I was totally beside myself at how adorable these little evening bags were. Their prices start at at $1050- to $2595- Burberry