The Real Valentino behind the Valentine

There is only one true man in this world who gets me. he understands my figure, my proportions, why I buy the things I do, why I stay away from the things I do. He knows every square inch of my imperfect body and yet he calls me perfection and beautiful all the time. To him I am a goddess. I am Woman Hear Me Roar! I am the demur and breathy voice that enraptures him and the loud “I don’t think so!” The whimper under a snotty nose and hair, the giggling fool that can’t stop laughing at a joke told 5 minutes ago. My good qualities, my short comings, he loves ME!? I still don’t understand it. After almost 19 years of marriage and I still wonder when he’s gonna throw his arms in the air and say “Well it’s been fun, see ya!” But he promises with every ounce of his being it will never happen because I am his one true love, he’s one and only that he’s destined to be with. My loving husband Johnny.Gosh i’m a lucky gal. Yet still there is still one man who knows how to dress a woman like no other like no one else can, and his name is…(and if you don’t know it, you live under a rock) VALENTINO!!!

His ss/16 ready to wear line is simply scrumptious and simply divine that it has you salivating at how gorgeous you’d look in one of his creations. Fluid, body contouring, short, long; whatever the desire, he has designed it and he will not disappoint. He has everything a woman could possibly dream up and things she couldn’t possibly imagine but has always wanted. His work is far above par, and his passion for his work shows as it gets increasingly better and never ceases to amaze his league of growing admirers.

I didn’t appreciated his work as I used to find it too much. Now as I have matured (no I’m not old) I have a whole new perspective on his intentions and am truly inspired by his creations. Once T-shirts and jeans were no longer my thing, i started realizing the importance of Presentation. The pairing of low-cost items with more expensive basics and accessories to balance a look when on a budget. To develop a closet that would inspire me everyday to want to look my best and to make a good impression.

Valentino encompasses every woman’s dream. For those on a budget, fret not to get something today. You must work your way slowly to accomplish a closet of your dreams. But also beware of buying so cheap that things fall apart on you that you need to repurchase items. That can get costly too. But we’ll save that for another story. Let us take a look at just a few of Valentino’s runway beauties.

Valentino ss/16 ready to wear womens fashion