Shooooooooooooooooezzzzzzzz! SHOES!

When it comes to to your feet, they are oh so most important as the rest of your body when soliciting the need for “FASHION”. We don’t walk around barefoot like the “Flintstones”, neither do we wear barley there sandals like the “Romans”, nor wrap then in gauze like that of a “Zombie”…well most of us don’t. We considered ourselves civilized human beings in which of us wear the most basic of shoes that comfort our feet from day to day  in a non descriptive way, without most of us even acknowledging your feet.

Then there are the artists like us who notice every bloody detail of your attire from the tip of your head to the tip of your toes and the muddle that happens in between. Yes the muddle. The i should do this this, throw this on, take that ’cause you never know, and not to forget this tote should I buy a book this afternoon.

Being a Fashion Guru, I people watch all the time. Not with a personal deliberate vengeance, but to learn the what and what not to do, to get inspiration and hopefully give some advice if one is open to it. I never like seeing people leaving the stores with items that will never suit them or ever be an asset to their closet.

There is no segway here…

So on to Shoes! YYC Shoes! I say YYC shoes as we have to tend to all different kinds of weather within a 10 minute increment, note to weatherman. Let’s see what some of the trends are leading us this season…

The women’s shoes above are all from Arnold Churgin Downtown Across from the Scotia Center on 8th Ave Mall. You can see the diversity in their looks. Wedge heels, flats, wooden block heels, tiny heels and booties will still keep their authority this year.Prices vary and you may just be lucky to catch a SALE  if you’re lucky. But don’t hold out for one if you see the one you like. Arnold Churgin

As far as men’s foot wear goes for the casual man, these three little numbers are from Calgary’s Gravity Pope on 17th Ave. SW. As I’m sure you notice funky runners are running the show for SS/16. Gold Metallics, Black Desperado Leather and Look At Me Red are the statement here. Theses are far from the norm and add punch to whatever you’re wearing. All various prices, all highly admires and desired you definitely want to check them out as asap before the cool gang get’s their cool paws on them. Stand out this year, make a run for the  finish line of greatness and show your inner FASHION MAN! Gravity Pope Mens Shoes