Expressing My Own Style: The story continues after deciding what to wear to Schmancy


Screen Shot 2016-02-09 at 5.21.20 AM
Jeanne Becker and Jaia Talsisman

In order to meet the great Jeanne Becker from Fashion TV from my little hood I was more that ecstatic! So after much deliberation, panic, laying out clothes, trying everything on, mixing and matching…oh who am I kidding? I just went to my closet and thought if this doesn’t say who I am nothing will. I mean my friend Brenna told me that everything I wear is an expression of me and no matter what I wear it’s me, there’s no terminology for my style, it just Jaia. And my friend Stefenie for example said I dress to my mood, there’s no categorizing my style at all, I’m eclectic. So after a little thought I picked out my sequined pants by Silva, my sleeveless black top with fringe by Rebecca Taylor, long blazer by Rag & Bone, flower clutch by Burberry Prorsum, necklace from Anthropologie, watch from Marc by Marc and bracelet from Judith & Charles. So after all that, how was I feeling last night? Why don’t you tell me? I’d love to hear your comments. What did you think of my outfit?

Oh and I got to meet Fashion TV’s Jeanne Becker!!!!! It was an Oh ma Gosh moment for me. I remember when I was modeling and watching that show hearing that song play by Animotion, “OBSESSION”. Oooooooo still gives me goosebumps thinking about it. I loved that show and knew I wanted a piece of that world, and there i was standing beside her. Who would’a thought? Life is always a world of splendor and surprises!IMG_2410The Schmancy Party was filled with outrages to simply casual attire but it was definitely a smorgesborg for the eyes. Let’s take a look. Above are very gorgeous ladies who took the time to dress elegantly and went with more of the black tie vibe. (Crystal McKenzie, Taylor MacDonald and Friend)


Above is a total selfish photo as it feels like a red carpet photo after finishing a film, had to do it! (Gerard Yunker, Stefenie Hart, Me, Johnny Talisman) Thank you all for waiting that long line and being so patient to get this photo taken with me guys…you’re all the best!!

The entertainment was not spared as it was a very special night indeed with a stellar performance by Buck65. His music and voice were so unique even when he did a cover song, it had it’s own resonance that made it sound oddly familiar but different enough to make it an original Buck65. A memorable performance that had people entranced with his sound. I was able to meet him afterwards and was pleasantly surprised by his down to earth and real character. A breath of fresh air in this industry.

And that my friends was my night of fashion, music, and fun at this years Schmancy’s 2016 night at the Glenbow Museum.

Drinks and food were served to vegetarians and meat eaters alike, as well as the museum was open for all to see the exhibit that was curated by the talents of Paul Hardy. Well worth seeing on a regular day visit!