Expressing my own style: What am I going to wear tomorrow night?


As a Gemini, as a lady, as a girl, being feminine, being dressy, classy, casual, tom boyish. Feeling Audrey, Miu Miu, Prada, Anthropologie, J Crew, Club Monaco, Barney’s, Rag & Bone (As Pictured Above) , All Saints, Judith & Charles, Tory Burch, Aritzia, like me, like my mood, like some body else…when it comes to dressing up I am every woman. There is no one me, there are many sides to me and my closet can never satisfy everything that I want to represent at any given moment.

So I improvise a lot. Like take this Schmancy event I’m gong to tomorrow evening at the Glenbow Museum. I have no idea as to what to wear, quite a dilemma for a Fashion Stylist I must say. Sometimes it’s easier to dress someone else up than it is yourself mostly all the time. I can envision others beauty and qualities better then my own. I suppose that’s why we look to others for inspiration I guess huh?

I’m trying all these outfits on in my closet. some are good, some are great, others I think I’ve lost my mind. But one thing for sure is that I must stay true blue to myself and my own own aesthetics, my uniqueness, my own signature of what make me who I am. As in who is Jaia. Just in who are you?

Never dress to replicate anyone!  A big NO-NO. There is no like you and that is a blessing. Every one unique individuality lends to their makeup. The clothes and ensembles they choose make up their desired designed look. And if it weren’t for that we would never have the great designer we have had in the past to pave the way for the designers we have today. Like Zac Posen and Cynthia Rowley, others such as Paul Hardy and Muiccia.

We are in an age of discovery and uninhibited and unlimited no limit Haute Couture Fashion to be as wild or as poised as we wish to be. We are allowed to rediscover ourselves, or reinvent ourselves over and over again until we find our favorite look . But one must not oneself to become complacent, always strive for change and allow your closet to be able to mix and match as to never let complacency become your enemy.

With all that said, I will not allow my closet to make it’s slave but rather to let it empower me to push the limits and try something I’ve never tried before. One because I’m desperately watching my budget. Two because I have no other choice. And three t challenge myself to shop my own closet and make the Schmanciest me one ever did see. And if I fail, I’ll try better next time, If not I will admit I’m pretty darn good at what I do. In fact I’ll take a “LIKE-O-METER” with me and see how the evening turns out.

Sunday I will share my photos of the event with you and tell you how my “LIKE-O-METER” turned out. I’d Love your feed back too.

In the meantime, Sweet dreams my followers,

I bid you all a good night,

Jaia Talisman