Fashion and Style well worth your while

This Symbol is synonymous with the words, classic, worldly, travel, diversity and rich. Tory Burch has built an empire on her reputation of making quality clothing and accessories that covet a certain look unlike any other designer out there. And her shoes!!!! My goodness her shoes. Cute, sexy, comfortable, and built to last boots that are now being made wider for us girls with the wide set feet and not those adorable tiny thin feet, so make sure you keep your eyes peeled for their new generation making it’s way in to the shops.

Now okay, why am I bringing up Tory Burch and mentioning things that you already know about this infamous designer? Well keep on reading and I fill you in on a little secret that you may want to be privy to.

In the coming month or two I’ll be holding a little contest unlike the usual ones that you’ve played before. It will take some skill and will be worth your while, especially if you want to win a gift certificate for a nice little percentage off something in Tory Burch Store. So before you sign off, remember to click and follow to keep in touch and notified about the upcoming contest.

Fashion and style that’s well worth your while here and JaiaTalismanStylist!