Me and my Hats

My favorite accessory of all has to be the HAT! Not to make a pun, but I will anyway, It tops off every look! It can dress up a casual look. It can make a Californian dressy outfit a bit more relaxed; all depending on the hat of course.

My love for hats started at a young age. My mom forced them on me to keep me from getting a chill or getting a head cold due to my asthma as a kid. My mom meant well, but when the family went to Hawaii and in the muggy heat went into the caves to explore, one could say I was the only human wearing a sweater and a hat in the heat. There’s a picture of it somewhere. I do not look happy. However even though that happened my affinity for hats stuck and loved putting them on with just about anything. Matching or not, it was my thing. Along with bleaching my hair until it turned yellow, and wore my dads over sized hounds tooth blazers, with tights and a beret. Yup, I was the trend setter, believe it or not.

Hats can change the way you feel about yourself and the way you carry yourself. If you haven’t washed your hair today, and say, that your hair is a bit oily it great to slap a hat on to give you more confidence. I mean I shouldn’t promote bad hygiene, and I’m not, but if your blessed with an oily scalp and you wash every other day, this is a great solution.

I’m gifted with thin hair and just hours after it’s washed and curled and styled, I’m bask to bone straight hair, and looking like a flower child…NOT THAT THERE’S ANYTHING WRONG WITH THAT! Believe me I love flowers, and children:) God knows you always want what you don’t have. But I’m here to guide you and help you find things that will give you inspiration and JAIA ideas and philosophies on what you can do and try to aid you in your wardrobe and self expression.

Being a Stylist and Model for as long as I’ve been, I’ve learned tools of the trade that I’d like to share with you. Not every hat will suit you, so when shopping for a hat for yourself make sure it’s not going to get blown off by the wind; it too big. If it’s giving you a headache; it’s too tight. If it sits on your head comfortably and doesn’t wobble but you can still stick a finger between your head and your hat, I’m thinking it’s pretty close to being the one that fits.

Better yet! Measure your head! Find out if you’re a small, medium or large and get the right size! How’s that for a trick;)