Duality: Calgary to Los Angeles and Back Again

Good day I say, good day! I anticipate everyone is having a good one. I’m Jaia Talisman, just in cast the large font above has had you befuddled. I am an actress, fashion stylist and interior stylist. But if you want to know more about me, there’s the “about me” section. I will however tell you that I am quirky yet classic, but I do sometimes like to demonstrate I have a tough side that I let my fashion do the talking for me. Above is a star to one of my trailers for one of the commercials I was in with Robbie Williams. Very cool guy, however that is why I ended up with the #2 trailer! Humpf!

Moving on…I am a dual citizen with Canada and the United States which allows me to have both countries as my playground for inspiration for fashion inspiration and let’s face it, a break from these cold winter months. I love LA and it’s basically my second home away from home from Calgary which is where I reside.

Duality is the title I thought I’d begin with as I am a Gemini, A dual citizen, and when it comes to fashion there are many sides to me. Fashion is what allows me to express myself, my moods, my character. And by gosh, if the I want to wear the hat because it makes me happy nad it matches nothing I’m wearing…I’ll do it anyway, because I’m me and it’s unique to my style. I told you I was quirky.